A Veggie Portuguese Table by João e Marta

João P. e Marta
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“Ear” Salad
Seaweed seasoned with coriander, garlic, and portuguese extra-virgin olive oil
A traditional portuguese starter is the pig ear salad, this is our vegan version of it.

Pumpkin Soup
Roasted Pumpkin with turmeric, nuts and yogurt (vegan version with coconut milk)
There is no portuguese meal without soup, the variations are limiltless, but the soup is a must on a portuguese meal.

Mini “bifana” sandwich and potatos.
Traditional seasoned homemade seitan, in a mini portuguese corn bread, with fries and a special sauce.
When it comes to Portuguese comfort food nothing beats the Bifana, a highly seasoned pork steak inside a portuguese classic bread, try our delicious vegan twist.

“Cabidela” Risotto
Mushroom and roasted beetroot risotto, with nuts and parmesan cheese.
Cabidela rice is a classical portuguese dish, that consists in cooking the rice in chicken blood, sounds like a voodoo spell right?Well don´t worry, our version is way more delicious, and vegetarian

Chocolate Mousse with a “splash”
Raw cacau with fruit mousse, topped with mint and vegan crumble, with a splash of portuguese Ginjinha
A traditional way of eating mousse in a portuguese restaurant is with a splash of a strong liquor on top, try our fully vegan version, with an original twist and presentation.

• Choice of Red and White wine