Rosário e Marta

Two friends sharing the love of welcoming and food

Hi, my name is Rosario.

I`m Portuguese, born in Porto and I come from a big family. The pleasure of cooking started very early in my life with the meals at home, 10 kids around a table, where always a grateful moment of passion and love and this memories are still impacting today my passion for cooking.

Cooking is very much about sharing and enjoying,  If I cook, I`m going to sit down and have a meal with other people—my family, my friends or distinguished guests.

And my name is Marta.

Also born in Porto, a beautiful city in the north of Portugal.

Whole my life I´ve been surrounded by art and for the last 20 years, interior design has become my passion.

Around the dining table we can always remember beautiful, pleasant and remarkable moments. Is it by the food, the sharing, the details, the smells, the wine?…
This is what we want to create.


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    Even better than the food at my house! Remarkable, you can feel the love in the food! 💙

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