Helena R.

I love to tell stories and talk about our lovely country and our wonderful food

Once upon a time there was an enchanted village called Cintia where Kings and Queens lived.

And do you know what? This village still exists, it’s name is Sintra and I live there. And the best of all is that I want to receive and cook for you in my own home. (just a remark, if Portugal was a monarchy the descendent to the throne lives in Sintra).

My career was always surrounded by invoices, taxes and paper work, but my real passion as always been the food. I always felt that something was missing and that I could do much more.

A year ago I started working with tourists and I loved it. I love to tell stories and talk….,and talk…., about our lovely country and our wonderful food.

So now I can do both.

I know I am no longer going to do anything memorable to stay in history, but I can make the difference by bringing some happiness to my guests.

That’s what I want to do !

See you soon !


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