Ana B.

I truly believe that people are intimately connected with food, with what they eat and with what they cook.

I truly believe that people are intimately connected with food, with what they eat and with what they cook. And, if we pay attention, we can easily figure people out by being attentive and observant to what they eat. And to say people is to say a whole country. 

My ultimate passion is to cook, and to cook is, in a certain way, to let yourself be known to other people.

When I travel, I invariably try to understand and seek the locals. What they do, where they are at, what they eat. I believe that to be the most genuine way of having a glimpse of a certain culture.
The cornerstone of Portuguese culture lies inside of small cafés, little restaurants and Portuguese houses.
Once I understood what I really enjoyed when traveling – to discover about the locals doing and eating – and realised that the Portuguese intimacy was hidden inside doors, I thought it was about time to open mind!

I thought it would be lovely to open the doors of my own house and let people in. I would love to let people know (and taste) about our very interesting and rich gastronomic traditions. A Portuguese typical table in full of the most intoxicating and marvellous flavours and aromas.

I am, at the moment, working in my husband’s wine cellar where, besides producing wine, we work in the field of wine tourism. The wine, alongside with the food and great discussions, make a very complete Portuguese table. 
I am a mother of three and we are a big and heart warming family. I love to have people coming over for dinner, and I truly believe that the most important and interesting subjects of life are brought up by a pleasant meal and a glass of fine wine in the comfort of a table full of loving people.


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  1. Great food and host

    Located in a beautiful zone, Sintra, Ana was a great host and offered us an incredible meal, combining our traditional food with a new way of presenting which plate. Nothing was forgotten and the main dishes were absolutely delicious. The service was also very good and the ambience very calm and comfortable. For those who are on vacation, this is, for sure, a good house to try portuguese food, to know more about our traditions and way of being and to have some rest during the lunch or dinner. Thank you, Ana!

  2. A great dining experience!

    During our visit in Sintra, Ana has hosted and offered the 6 of us a delicious home cooked meal in her cozy house. All was excellent, staring with the cheese selection, olive oil and wine tasting and all the way to the home made deserts with port wine, every dish was delicious. She really went out of her way to make us feel welcomed. The ambiance was very nice and relaxing, with many candles and Fado music. Everything from the table setup to the food plating was done with great care. She was assisted by her husband Josef who shared with us his wine expertise. We all had a great evening and are looking forward to return.

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