Mário e Miguel

My grandmother passed me down her passion for cooking

From a very early age that the noise of the pans, the buslte of the kitchen the smells and flavours of the common ingredients of my region aroused my curiosity.

The sowing of the Earth for later harvest and the seasonality of the products were permanent in my childhood, I was always taught to listen and learn with the elders where their experience and wisdom reigned.

The passion for the kitchen was transmitted to me by my grandmother, a short woman with an everlasting smile in her face and tremendous will of living, but the precarious work in the fields had always been the guarantee of a dignified life at the time.

Later, the passion for the kitchen spoke louder and my grandmother was hired as the first cook for weddings and banquets in town. Until late at night there we were, me and my grandmother among the ancient recipes of Alentejo and typical products working and cooking with love, together, for a living.

What I propose nowadays is a simple and traditional cuisine mad with the best regional products presented in a welcoming and family atmosphere, combining the ancient knowledge and tradition with my own creativity.


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  1. One of the highlights of our time in Portugal-- with Mario and Miguel

    In early October, our cycling group of four couples was privileged to spend the evening in the wonderful, welcoming home of Mario and Miguel in Redondo. The two of them could not be more gracious hosts. All of the food that Mario prepared was authentically Portuguese, beautifully presented, and incredibly delicious. The seafood soup was the best we had in Portugal, and the desserts were superb. They served us great wines and other local beverages. Best of all was the warmth with which the two of them embraced the eight of us into their home, sharing their stories, introducing us to their pets, and making us feel part of their family. I would love to do this again with the two of them. Thank you, Mario and Miguel

  2. Obrigada Mário e Miguel por nos receber na casa de vocês com tremenda gentileza e excelentes comidas da região. Foi uma experiência pra vida!

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