Lígia and Nuno

The Portuguese Table concept, enters our philosophy of life

Nuno and Lígia

We have combined our travelling experiences throughout our lives. Being motivated through professional or leisure reasons, such experiences have resulted in an enriching blend of knowledge concerning other cultures and other peoples way of life.

The Portuguese Table concept, enters our philosophy of life: The sharing of knowledge in a pleasant environment where the exchange of ideas integrates harmoniously with an interesting mix of gastronomic flavors, typical of the place where we live: The City of Porto, essentially known for giving its name to the famous wine produced in the Douro region.

Lígia loves to explore her culinary skills and Nuno, has an incredible passion concerning miniature trains and scale modeling in general. We are building an interesting model railway layout, inspired on our visiting experiences.

So, dining with us surely promises pleasant moments.

Be very welcome !


2 reviews

  1. Fantastic Experience

    Many thanks to Lígia and Nuno for this fantastic experience. We were on our honeymoon and thought this would be something new and fun to experience. They did not disappoint! Lígia and Nuno welcomed us into their homes with a hospitality only seen by great friends and family. They are wonderful people and we would recommend this experience to anyone. Thanks very much!

  2. We enjoyed a lovely dinner last week!
    Verry nice and very well prepared.
    We had very nice conversations especially about the miniature collections of trains, cars, boats and aircrafts.
    It was really wonderful!
    Regards, Leo and Ellis

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