Julia B.

Truly passioned by travelling, gastronomy, discovering and telling stories.

My name is Julia, I’m an History teacher and mother of two. We are both truly passioned by travelling, gastronomy and I add my passion for discovering and telling stories.

I was born in a small village of Minho, at my grandparents’ house, where the table was always set and my grandmother used to happily cook all the typical dishes from the region. I grew up in a small town, now a city, called Santo Tirso, in Douro Litoral. There, my mother, bona-fide depositary of the most traditional recipes, delighted us with all the goodies that still “live” in my taste and olfactory memory – and also inside my very old book of manuscript recipes. One of the habits bequeathed by my parents was travelling. Since I was a kid, I used to go with my parents and my little brother on the discovery of the country, of all its corners, stories and typical dishes. From there, we expanded our trips to Spain, which we trod from side to side – and where, I may say, my taste has developed and sophisticated itself.

University time came and led me to Coimbra, to study Law. I didn’t finish it but from there I jumped to Lisbon and then to the middle of the Ocean. Funchal was the city I lived in for two years which enriched, among other things, my old book with new recipes. I went back to Porto where, already with my two kids, I graduated in History – curiously, one of the projects I enjoyed the most was a medieval recipes’ collection.With my graduation concluded, I found out that teaching is also a passion that still thrills me. And that also made me discover another hobby: making papier mache dolls.

Beyond the places I’ve lived in and got to know, Alentejo is also one of those that influenced me the most and left traces on what I love to cook. My family house in the interior of this region is a place for happy meetings throughout the year, authentic and genuine gastronomic experiences that taught me a lot and filled the remaining vacant space of my old recipe book.

In all these moments, cooking, trying new recipes, hosting the family and friends was always a pleasure completed by the trips that I have done. So I added a new book in which I write down the restaurants I go to in all the countries and cities that I visit.

Getting to know Portuguese Table’s project truly thrilled me, for giving me the possibility to share my taste and passion for cooking with people from other countries and welcoming them in a home that I always want to be cozy. 


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  1. Great host!

    friendly evironment, amazing food prepared with care for two days!! Julia is a really a great host… and if you are lucky you can have a nice conversation with her son Paulo!

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