Delicious homemade food by Aunt Ilda

My name is Ilda and …

All my life I’ve been used to have my house filled with people – children, family, friends – and I was the one in charge to cook for all them. But for me it was not only about going into the kitchen. Every lunch, brunch or dinner was an event and I wanted to make sure everything was perfect. As a host, believe me it’s a great joy to decorate the tables, to set up the dishes and glasses according to a specific theme and finally get everyone together in the living room.

After getting to know the concept of social dinning, I have decided to do the same but for travellers visiting Portugal. I want to make them feel at home, I want to treat them like a foreign aunt who hasn’t seen them for a while and has a hug and a delicious meal awaiting. So accept my invitation and join me for the unique taste of Portuguese food at my table!


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