Zulmira F.

We use the farm products to make our meals

Cooking is not just put in the pot one hand full of ingredients but also give affection, generosity and
tenderness showing to our family and friends how important they are for us and for our life.

The pleasure of cooking came very early in my life and with my family and friends support I started to
organizing workshops in my house with meals included. This events are a perfect way to show to the
people that lives in towns that still remains the traditional way of living in the countryside and the
activities related with the rural world.

Making the bread, taking milk from animals and do the cheeses, making the spicy sausages and taking
the honey are a perfect examples of some activities that we do and that belong to our culture.

We use the farm products to make our meals and the people love to taste it and always come back
again to visit us and taste the pure food of the countries with pure and organic ingredients.

The rewarding part is to see the happiness of the people when taste our meals with the farm products
and when we find the Portuguese table we don´t have doubts, this is our path and our project.


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