Maria B.

The cook in me never rested until this new opportunity came along

Since I was a girl I have been passionate for eating well.  Cooking and open my house to friends and family have always been two of my life pleasures. As I grew up, this passion grew with me,.. I have always been the most gourmet in the group, the first to know about the new restaurants in town and the one who was already thinking about lunch while eating breakfast.

I have followed another professional path, in the communication and marketing area, in which I have been working for 10 years now and allowed me to open an atelier with my sister. However, the cook in me never rested until this new opportunity came along. A new field in the catering industry that fits 100% in my daily life, giving me the opportunity to conciliate the two worlds, keep working as a marketing professional and cook to food lovers like me. What I really want, more than offer a pleasant gastronomic experience, is to make my guests feel at home.



Local Starters
• Goat cheese pastry with chives
• Seasoned olives
• Smoked Ham

• Wild mushrroms soup

Main Dish
• Portuguese duck rice

• Mango mousse 
• lemon and basil ice cream

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