Mafalda C.

Our wealth came with the use of what nature provides

It is a privilege to live in a place as beautiful and distinctive as Madeira, in Portugal. An ancient island, first inhabited 600 years ago, visited by thousands of people every year, who seek to discover the natural beauties and also our essence as islanders with their own traditions and customs.
Growing up on this island and living in a city like Funchal can deceive you with the sense of greater isolation. It is true. But this isolation also distinguishes us and makes us authentic. In fact, living on this island and its capital allows for greater closeness and more time for the conviviality with friends and family.
Combined with all this, there is a standard of living, where, since most of our wealth came with the use of what nature provides, it has allowed the making of real delicacies that, in addition to their tasting, have always permitted long conversations and a continuous revival of past stories.
These experiences marked my childhood. They approached me with a cozy kitchen where my mother and grandmother cooked many of the recipes that still delight everyone up to this day.
They are scents and flavors that take us to a past that I still want to preserve and share with those who want to know what is more authentic in Madeira and Portugal.

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