Sofia N.

The sea is one of my passions and I try to replicate it on my meals

This is my history,

I was born, married and currently live in the central area of Lisbon.

It’s a traditional neighbourhood, where we can still have contact with the few resistant traditional shops and people. It used to be an important local trade part of the city.

I have many hobbies that I put into practice, among them, the taste for the sea and the love for fishing.

I joined this platform because of the pleasure I have in bringing genuine ingredients to the table of incomparable quality.
An example of this is the main courses of my Menu.
Important dishes of the traditional Portuguese cuisine where the main players like the squid and octopus are either caught by me or someone I know.

“We are fortunate to be a country surrounded by the sea with magnificent rivers ”

I have other hobbies like hosting and cooking, both passed to me by my parents. They both cook and host very well.
Portugal has two well-known characteristics, it’s gastronomy and hospitality.
As both are part of me, I decided to welcome those who visit us by opening the doors of my house, providing a fun conversation around the table immersed in local culture.


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  1. Lunch meeting

    Tivemos um almoço de trabalho muito bom!
    A Sofia foi uma anfitriã excelente, muito atenciosa e atenta e totalmente discreta, criando as condições necessárias para a reunião de trabalho que queríamos ter.
    A comida estava deliciosa, tanto a cavala, como o polvo, como a compota de abóbora, feita pela própria, e servida com um delicioso requeijão de Seia.
    Ainda tivemos um miminho com a oferta de um boião de compota, para ativar a memória gustativa aqui a alguns dias.
    Apesar de me parecer, à partida, que a experiência não seria adequada para uma reunião de trabalho, a verdade é que funcionou muito bem e todos adoraram!

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