Jorge A.

I want to show our visitors the flavours of my region, my city. The ones I grew up with…

Having been brought up in a traditional Portuguese family where the grandmother is the boss of the house and a goddess in the kitchen, and a family coming from the countryside where local and homemade products have the taste you can no longer reach in a usual supermarket, I grew up with high standards when it comes to quality produtcs, food and typical traditional dishes.

What makes me want to be a host, is the will to show our visitors those flavours of my region, my city. The ones I grew up with, that few know and less have the chance to taste it genuinely.

Since I consider myself an experienced traveller and having had contact with tourism in my country through work, I decided to provide a journey through typical flavours, culture and history to my fellow guests, in my own house, socializing and fraternizing around a portuguese family table.


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