Filipa S.

After almost twenty years of being an editor at a publishing company (a very solitary kind of work, although surrounded by many people), I’m a freelance translator for almost twelve (an even more solitary occupation). Yet this «solitude at work» used to be largely compensated at home. A mother of four, my house was always very busy. People coming and going all and every day.

“Suddenly”, all the children became adults, got jobs and left the home where they grew up. So I was left with lack of talking noise at table during long meals and not knowing how to cook for less than half a dozen people. I even had to buy new pots and pans, the old ones being far too big!

When I heard of Portuguese Table, I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to do something I like and people say I do well: Portuguese cooking, based on Mediterranean Diet (classified as World Heritage by UNESCO); and then share it with others, while talking and getting to know people who will certainly love our country for many reasons, including our traditional food, always much appreciated by foreigners.

On the other hand, I certainly expect those people will be learning some more about it, with our meal sharing, a very typical Portuguese habit and perhaps one of the best ways of knowing any country’s culture.

I’m eager to see you very soon.


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  1. A beautiful experience in Lisbon

    The dinner was great; Filipa is a perfect host and a great cook.
    We enjoeyd every delicious course as well as the host and her family that welcomed us as friends and making us feel part of their family.
    Thank you very much!
    We would recommend this experience to anyone!

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