A little piece of the «This wonderful kingdom, which is behind the-Hills»

A wood-fired oven, a huge fireplace with iron pots, the traditional pipes by the fire, the table that holds more than 12 guests. Everything invites you to enjoy a memorable meal. Products of the region, cooked purposely and accompanied by a good wine. We get lost in time, delighted by a retreat to the past!

Eugénia, gave the first steps in the kitchen with her grandparents and learned to cook with the heart. At the age of 18 she joined the Institute for Tourism and Hotel Studies where he learned and validated this ancient knowledge with the course of cooking/pastry. Since 1986, year of completion of training, to this day continues to learn and to share. In 2014/17 the need to know more led her to perform a degree in hotel management and administration, but the passion for the kitchen speaks louder.

«The friend of my friend, my friend it is!»

It is by this motto opened the doors of home to receive us with all the warmth and hospitality characteristics of the Transmontano people.

A little piece of the «This wonderful kingdom, which is behind the-Hills», is in Boticas/Carvalhelhos.


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