I am Portuguese and I am a foodie!

I am Portuguese and I am foodie!

I have lived and worked abroad for 17 years and have returned home to Lisbon over a year ago and when I say it, I say it smiling :).

This extraordinary adventure has broaden my view of food, traditions, values, manners… amongst others.

The cross-cultural experience has made me the person I am today!


I am passionate about hosting and cooking.

Trialing new menus and having people over to enjoy them, is my thing!


Although I do have a “normal working life”, I would if I could spend the entire time in my kitchen, creating, innovating and mixing the different cuisines into beautiful results full of flavor, color, textures in different temperatures, presented with all the love and care. I would explore the 6 senses on each plate and give it to anyone to relish just to hear the “hummm….. in closed eyes”.

There is no grater joy than providing joy to other fellow-foodies!



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