Amélia K.

Nowadays I spend my free time re-inventing Portuguese food

I consider myself a friendly and sociable person with a great love for meeting new and exciting people. I have travelled a bit, shared a lot of good experiences with people, and I believe that the Portuguese Table project would be a good complement to my life’s adventure.

When I was 15 I told my father I wanted to be a chef. At that time, in a rural Portugal I was forced to choose another career and became a special education teacher and an amateur chef.

Nowadays I spend my free time re-inventing traditional Portuguese recipes with a modern and creative twist.

I was born and raised in a farm where I was the only one among a very conservative society who dared to reinvent Portuguese cuisine, use different ingredients and it wasn’t always easy make my way.

It was very frustrating, but I didn’t give up. I kept on going and nowadays everyone eats my food and loves it! One of my great pleasures is to have friends over for dinner! I’ve even taken the part as the ‘chef’ of my group of friends!

I’m very talkative and energetic and I believe I would be a great host for you.

Hope to see you soon!



• Dry White Port

• Portuguese cheeses board, Olives,
• Grandma’s bread, Corn bread w/
• Small cod pancakes (Pataniscas)
• Black pork sausage
• Olive oil flavored with balsamic vinegar

Main Dish
• Tasty codfish in the oven, with crust of yellow corn bread, with vegetables (turnip greens, broccoli, …)

• Roll of soft eggs or Cream of heaven
(Traditional sweets from Aveiro  area)

• Fruit

• Welcoming Portuguese champagne, white and red wine

Tea or coffee


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